Sunday, April 26, 2009


Another milestone come and gone so quietly that even I didn't notice it. Post #1500 was actually yesterday's reminder of the readers' tournament. What I wrote back at #1400 about anniversaries becoming less important over time is still true, but there's a more mundane reason for the oversight here. I do the "Guess the casino" posts in large batches--right now they're all set to release one every night through May 17, for example--and when I log onto Blogger it tells me the total number of posts inclusive of those future ones. That means that the counter has been over 1500 for quite a while now, so it stopped catching my eye.

Anyway, 1500 seems like a ridiculous, impossible number of posts, inconceivable to me when I started this thing, even if many of them are quick little nothings. It seems incomprehensible to me that anybody is still reading. At times I feel so silly writing that I want to shout at all of you, "Don't you have anything better to be doing than reading this crap?" And, at myself, "Don't you have anything better to be doing than writing this crap?"

But secretly, down deep, I'm glad that the answer to both questions is "no."

Thanks for sticking around. I'll let you know when I--when we--get up to 2000.


Anonymous said...

Dear Poker Grump,

Congrats on the milestone and good luck in upcoming reader's event.

I have a question for you. Recently sat at a 1/2 limit table. Watched as the first player in, after the blinds, raised without calling it a raise. He never said a word, the dealer was the one that announced it as a raise.

It seemed to me that was not right. I would have thought that the player by throwing in his chips without announcing it as a raise, was in fact technically just calling so thought I would ask you what the proper protocol was.

Thanks in advance if you happen to read this and respond..oh and never got the almighty 2/4 or would have played it!


Rakewell said...

The standard rule is this: If he put in a single oversized chip, so that it was ambiguous whether it was a raise or a call, then it's a call. But if he put in multiple chips then it's unambiguous that he intended to raise, so no verbal announcement is required.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the milestone too. I started reading at the "I got back roomed" post and have read backwards to the low hundreds (so far). I have had a question for quite some time and have not found the answer yet. Why do you like the seats next to the dealer (1 and 9 or 10 depending on where you play)? I am always anxious to move when I get put in those seats for many reasons and wanted to hear your thoughts.


diverjoules said...

It is the highlight of my mornings. Keep it up.

Michael said...

Congrats on the milestone, was pointed to the blog about 2 months ago and love the content.

By the way, online last night, got dealt 2 4 in a tourney and decided to play it for the heck of it. Table had been tight and it was ealry in the tourney, flop was 6 3 rag. I laughed thinking about the absolute power of the 2 4. Betting came in heavy and I ended my experiment only to see the turn come up a 5. Ugh.