Sunday, April 26, 2009

Casino poker is TOTALLY rigged

Luxor today. The table's two big stacks (about $400 each) get into a raising war. It takes the fifth raise, but they get it all in before the flop. The table maniac has finally picked up a real hand: the two black kings. His opponent has Ah-Kh, and would have been seriously overplaying it against any other player, but our maniac was raising and reraising pretty indiscriminately, so it's hard to criticize him too severely for not crediting the maniac with a one of the only two hands he should fear. (I folded 9d-10d when the third raise came.)

The flop was all blanks, except for two more hearts for the Ah-Kh.

Turn was the ace of spades. Ouch! With no straight draws, the maniac is down to one out; only the king of diamonds will save him.

River: That's right, the king of diamonds. Maniac wins.

Of course, this isn't really a bad beat in the traditional sense, because the pot went to the player with the best chance of winning when the money went in. Still, one doesn't often see 400-big-blind pots determined by a one-outer on the river. The table let out about as big a collective groan in sympathy for the victim as you'll ever hear. Probably didn't help the poor bastard feel any better, though.


Grange95 said...


(Sorry, just wanted to be the first to say that on some post!)

Unknown said...

Speaking of believing a controlled poker environment to be "rigged" and selective memory in one direction...

Was in a PS FPP satellite last night and some clown starts off the chatting after the first hand went down pretty standard, best hand won in the end... "Welcome to PS everyone... home of the worst bb online! What a joke!"

He then proceeded 2 hands later to hit one of these 1-outers while getting his money in bad...

And didnt post another damn word for the remainder of the time I was at a table with him.

It may not have been a live table - but I'm sure he could feel the 8 sets of glaring eyes through his monitor.

I bubbled then spewtarded 1/3 my bankroll. Actually, lost one big hand to a 3-outer then spewtarded for an hour trying to catch up to be specific.

I'm done for at least 1 week.

common terry said...

yes it is rigged
they have chips in the cards

the machines fix the cut
lots of people are in on it in california

i can show u who will win at the oaks club if u join me there watching the games

the same people often win with horrible play. the same people always lose with good play.