Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This year's Phil Hellmuth WSOP embarrassment

Last year, UltimateBet's theme for ads for its WSOP satellite system was all about joining the UB army. Then Phil Hellmuth made his "grand" entrance to the Main Event as a World War II general.

I spied the above ad in the new issue of Poker Pro magazine, and I assume it will be repeated in every other poker publication. Does that mean that Hellmuth's entrance this year will be in Roman garb, perhaps as Julius Caesar wearing a toga? In other words, is it possible that they have found something more embarrassing than the NASCAR gimmick of 2007 and even more embarrassing than the Patton thing?

If so, I think I'll go dressed as Brutus and carry out my designated historical role.

Et tu, Grump?


Anonymous said...

They're having a charity tournament at Red Rock this weekend. There is signage outside the poker room listing several top pros that will be playing including Hellmuth. On the sign his name is spelled Helmuth. Thought that was a funny jab of sorts.

Gallopin Gael said...

Either that or he'll get dressed up as Alexander the Great and arrive at the main hall atop an elephant.