Monday, April 27, 2009


As you might have noticed from the new box at the upper left, I've joined Twitter, and even managed to get my tweets automatically posted to the blog--a level of technical accomplishment that astonishes me. Things never work that easily.

I still don't really have any clear idea what, if anything, I will use the thing for. But there have been many technological things that I have brought into my life which at the time I thought would have rather limited use, but which turned out to be tools useful for much more than I would have guessed. These include fax machines, a home computer, the internet, a scanner, a cell phone, etc. So maybe in a year or two I'll be saying that I can't imagine life before Twitter. Or, alternatively, a year from now perhaps those same four initial messages will be sitting there with time stamps "A year ago." We'll see.

I think that I will occasionally post a note about where I'm playing, in case anybody feels like joining me at a table to take my money. For a variety of reasons, I'm already sure I won't do that every time I'm out playing (for example, I'm sure to forget a large part of the time), but at least sometimes I'll announce it.

I suppose that on the rare occasions I enter tournaments I might post updates on my progress (as if anybody cares). Heck, I might even use it during tonight's readers' tournament.

At the very least, now I can be sure that I'm not absolutely the last blogger to adopt the fad.


Anonymous said...

I'll check your blog when im in vegas aug 9th if you hit bills/osheas or excal ill come by and say hi........ gowhitesox99

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I seem to remember that Cardgrrl tweets too... Interesting...

Anonymous said... follows all the poker pros on twitter in one place, pretty cool site and easy to follow