Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Deuce-Four haiku

While waiting for a game to start tonight at the Riviera, I was more bored than usual because they didn't have any poker magazines I hadn't already read. An idea occurred to me. OK, well, actually I shamelessly stole the idea from Pauly (here) and, more recently and specifically, Julius Goat (here). But even though both of them are better writers than I am, I knew that neither of them would or could pen a truly loving ode to the Deuce-Four. I knew that as the world's designated evangelist of the Great 2-4, the job fell on my unworthy shoulders. And so, right there in the Riviera poker room, I put pen to paper and this is what flowed out:

Just six pips total
Yet makes the nuts ev'ry time
Tiny but mighty

Play it for a raise
Flop comes four and four and deuce
Nobody suspects

Cardgrrl won't play it
Says it loses her mobneys
Unbeliever, she

Aces, kings, queens, jacks
All powerless to win hand
Drawing dead pre-flop

Praise the poker gods
For enlightening the Grump
Deuce-Four forever


Cardgrrl said...

I wouldn't say I was a TOTAL unbeliever...

Anonymous said...

I love the duece four
I will play it oftensoon
3 months til vegas


Memphis MOJO said...

A small seed in Spring
the deuce four grows mighty and
strong as an oak tree.

Zot95 said...

Had Deuce Four suited
I five-bet all-in pre-flop
Thank you for your chips