Saturday, May 29, 2010

A minor mystery

I spotted this poster in the hallway outside the Amazon Room last night while chatting with several of my blogger buddies. They're all bright, observant people, well-versed in the game of poker, and all on the lookout for interesting things to report--but none of them had noticed what caught my attention.

Since they are using the "bad beat" metaphor here, presumably the poker hand shown is supposed to represent the worst starting hand in hold'em (7-2 offsuit) beating the best one (pocket aces; we'll forgive them for not knowing that 2-4 is actually much stronger than aces). But the hand as shown is inconsistent with that concept. The final result is that the aces improve to aces full of deuces, while the 2-7 improves to deuces full of sevens. Aces win. How is that a "bad beat"?

This is one of that category of things that always makes me wonder, "How many people were involved in designing and producing this thing with nobody noticing that they screwed it up?"

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Conan776 said...

Hard to tell without the betting lines, chief. I think the idea is that cancer is 72o and the doctors are the (slow played?) pocket rockets. Well, that's my optimistic take, anyway.