Saturday, June 02, 2007

WHAT did you say??? (Non-grumpy content)

Played at the Hilton tonight. On my right was a 30-something woman in town for a convention. She was frequently chatting with the guy on her right, who was here for the same meeting, though they didn't know each other.

I was vaguely aware that they were talking about poker, but I wasn't paying much attention to their conversation--at least not until I heard her say, "I've had sex before and gotten my butt spanked."

Whoa--now there's a "TMI" (too much information) moment for you!

But a quick mental replay of the audio, combined with her next sentence for a bit of context, made it clear that what she had actually said was, ""I've had sets before and gotten my butt spanked."

Flopping a set and having an opponent hit a straight or flush to win--this I understand. And I guess it's really not TMI.

When I realized what I had misheard, I burst out laughing. Obviously nobody knew what was so funny. So then I had to explain to her what I thought she had said. Fortunately, she took it well, and joined in the laughter, rather than having management throw me out for sexually harassing her, or something like that. She didn't even mind when I told her I might have to put the story in my blog.