Monday, May 05, 2014

PokerNews article #15

Finishing up the five-part series on cards, this article is a few more tidbits on protecting your hand:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

My Sunday Puzzle submission

I often spend some time on Sunday mornings trying to solve Will Shortz's weekly puzzle from "Weekend Edition Sunday" on National Public Radio.

This week, instead of a puzzle with one correct answer, he invites listeners to submit their best constructions of a particular type of puzzle for other listeners. He gives this description and example:

On-air challenge: Every answer is a five-letter word. You will be given a clue for the word. Besides describing the answer, the clue will also contain the answer in consecutive letters. For example, given "It's near the planet Mars," you would say, "Earth."  
Next week's challenge (Please note this is a two-week challenge): Write a clue for a word in the style of today's on-air puzzle, in which the answer has six or more letters. The clue should both define or describe the answer and contain the answer in consecutive letters.  
Entries will be judged on accuracy of the cluing, specificity, naturalness of syntax and overall elegance. You may submit up to three clues in your entry. The person who sends the best clue in the judgment of Will Shortz will appear on the program in two weeks. And some of the runner-up entries will be used on the air.

Here are my three submissions. I'll put the answers in the first comment, so you won't see them until you click on "comments."

1. Last fall, I blew another chance at impressing my boss when I missed my big project's deadline.

2. As if Thoreau wrote of bustling urban life at Walden, I also often say the opposite of what is true.

3. In order to succeed, a magician must will us--or you!--to see what is not really there.