Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deuce-Four strikes again

When I woke up too early this morning, unable to go back to sleep, jumping into an online poker tournament for the first time since I arrived in North Carolina somehow seemed like a good idea. I found a $5 one on Bovada that had just started.

Though I went out in about the middle of the field, I was dealt the Mighty Deuce-Four three times, and won all three hands. I consider this a sign from the poker gods, welcoming me back to the game.


With blinds at 50/100, I raised from UTG+1 to 250. He reraised to 400. I called. On the flop he bet 200, I called. Turn and river were checked down.


I raised pre, had one caller. Continuation bet on the flop took it down. Obviously I had the best hand, or he would have called, right?


This one was the most fun.

(Bovada has this silly feature that it shows the winning cards on fire if you make a flush or full house, and shows them "electrified" for quads or better.)

Here's how it played out: