Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Guess the casino, #225

To reveal the hidden answer, use your mouse to highlight the space immediately after the word "Answer" below.

Answer: Harrah's


voiceofjoe said...

I'm rubbish at these anyway... but at least give us some clue in the picture !!

That could well have been O'Reillys Amusement Arcade Skegness Seafront !!

Rakewell said...

Well, admittedly some of the photos featured here are things that you would have no way of knowing without having been there and seen them in person. But this one does have a couple of clues. First, you can see that it's the door to the poker room. There are very, very few poker rooms in LV that you have to open a door to enter. Also, the piece of the colorful wall decoration that you can see is a frequent motif throughout Harrah's.