Monday, October 05, 2009

Unusual rule at Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay poker room is rather notorious for its quirky set of house rules. (See posts here and here and here for examples.) Today I noticed another.

Most must-move games operate first in/first out. That is, the person who has been at the table the longest is forced to move to the regular game when a seat opens up there. Mandalay does it backwards: The person who has been there the longest is given the option of moving, but is not forced to move; if they go down the whole list and nobody wants to go, the last person to have joined the table is the one that will be required to move.

I like this! It is, so far, the only one of the idiosyncratic house rules at Mandalay that I think is superior to the standard procedure. Those who arrived first should be given the option to move or stay; they have the most invested in having observed opponents and having created a table image.

I had noticed the floor staff operating like this at Mandalay previously, but I thought they were just kind of casually bending the rules. Today a comment from the supervisor clued me in that this is, in fact, what their protocols dictate.

Is there any reason this idea should not be implemented universally? I can't see any down side to it. It seems like the way things should be everywhere.


Matthew Yauch said...

Seems a little tedious to go through every single person in order of their arrival time to find someone to move, but it does make some sense.

Cardgrrl said...

I agree that this is indisputably a superior way to run a must-move. I have seen players quit the game altogether rather than leave their seat at a must-move table.

Rakewell said...

Keiser: It's really not. In practice what happens is somebody comes over and says, "I have to move one of you to the main game. Any volunteers?" If there are 2 or more volunteers, the one with seniority at the table gets to go. If no volunteers, they take the last person to have arrived. Takes only a few seconds.

sevencard2003 said...

since i never go in the mandalay bay, that was NOT where i seen this rule, but i think its a wonderful rule, and ive definitely seen that rule somewhere before outside vegas, cannot for the life of me remember where. but i loved it the first time i seen it, seemed so much more fair.

the reason people hate must moves so much (and get up and quit instead of move) is because people who prefer the end dont appreciate moving to a middle seat and vice versa. its also a real annoyance to be forced to move when u dont want to, and a guy who does want to move in ur place not be allowed to since hes not the player next in line.