Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day, downtown Las Vegas

It was predictably a little wild and crazy. I took a bunch of pictures, uploaded to an album here, if you want to take a peek at what was going on.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say picture #36 is easily your best work. You appear to have great natural ability and reflexes!

Rakewell said...

LOL. I wondered if anybody would notice that. I deliberately didn't say anything about it because I wanted to see if anybody would closely enough to see it. The truth is that I had no idea that was coming. I was just trying to get a shot of that group of friends. I wasn't even looking at the screen--the camera was held over my head, and from where I was standing I couldn't see what was happening. I only knew what I had captured when I caught a glimpse of her pulling her top back up, then looked back at the shot I had just taken.

How come my timing in poker is never that perfect?

Brad said...

I should have figured the pictures were not safe for viewing at work, but a note would be helpful next time :-) Your blog is great, by the way.