Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MGM finally sees the light

It seems that MGM is finally going to try to make their player rewards program competitive with that of Harrah's/Caesars:


'Bout time, dudes. Just don't leave the poker players out of the goodies, please.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right. :(
I went to get my shiny new M-Life card today.
Poker play is not seen by MLife they said.

"oh ok. Can you give me a one time upgrade to a higher tier since I'm a diamond card holder at Caesars? You know , Venetian does this for us. "


Sigh. I hate the new Mlife.
Also no "Diamond-like lounges"
No free spas/gyms.

Wonderful new system for poker players.

Unknown said...

I get "offers" for $119/NT rooms at MGM while free rooms every month at Harrah's properities.

The kicker? I gambled 10X more at MGM/Monte Carlo/NYNY on my trips than at Harrah's casinos.

It's a wait and see thing if MGM steps up the comps as I love staying there.