Monday, May 21, 2012


I didn't prepare any special eclipse-viewing glasses or apparatus. Vegas is 20 or 30 miles south of where one would have to be to see the true annular eclipse, anyway. But it's still a sufficient rare event that I wanted to see what little effects could be seen. This was made more difficult than I anticipated by the fact that it occurred so late in the day, so both sunlight and its resulting shadows were nearly horizontal. But I wandered around my neighborhood looking for spots where light was diffracting around edges or through holes. None of them are exactly worthy of National Geographic, but you can certainly tell that something strange was happening with the light.

When it was over, I drove to the MGM Grand, where I knew that fellow bloggers Grrouchie and Rob were already playing. I had met Grrouchie once before, but not Rob. I got there, found them, and moved to their table. I was there with them for about three hours, during which time we absolutely did not EVER talk about either Josie or Tony. Not even once. Isn't that amazing?

Grrouchie epitomized the danger of playing with fellow poker bloggers when he said to Rob, ""I can't wait to get home and make fun of you."

Of course I had to impress upon them the awesome power of the Mighty Deuce-Four, so that they will join me in spreading the gospel. The only time I was dealt it, I called a small pre-flop raise in position, and flopped 2-2-Q. My opponent was the woman Rob refers to in his blog as "Prudence." She bet $10, I called. Turn was a jack. This time she bet $15, I raised to $45. She called, but with apparent consternation. At about this time, Grrouchie was shooting me a look from his end of the table that said, "Do you really have what I think you have?" I gave him a little nod of affirmation. (Prudence was not looking anywhere in my direction, so I didn't risk giving anything away. Besides, she doesn't know who I am, so even if she noticed an exchange of glances, she wouldn't know what it was about.) River was an ace. She checked, I moved all in, she folded. I showed the hand, obviously. So now I have two more bloggers who have personally witnessed the power at work.


Chris Abramski said...

I was at a table over, saw you cash out & leave. I'm sorry I never came over to say hi. The poker gods got me for that when I got 2 outtered. That'll teach me to be shy.

NT (aka Cardgrrl) said...

I love the photographs! You're right, I would have gone bananas if I'd been there…

grrouchie said...

1 - it was a great time playing with the other 3, it also helped that one guy and his girl personally put about a grand on the table (not all through bad play, some bad luck as well).

Stump - I looked back to come and say something when I noticed your table had broke, next thing i know I saw your tweet about the 2 out and knew it wasn't meant to be tonight!
Next time.

Anonymous said...

Oh I BET you were talking about me.

Rob and grrouchie in unision: You've really met her?

Poker Grump: Yeah but she's like an eclipse. Don't make my mistake and look directly at her. She'll invade your dreams!

Rakewell said...

Once again, the system lost a comment, submitted by Anonymous:

Oh I BET you were talking about me.

Rob and grrouchie in unision: You've really met her?

Poker Grump: Yeah but she's like an eclipse. Don't make my mistake and look directly at her. She'll invade your dreams!

grrouchie said...

Who is this in reference to?
also, grump, check your spam comments. I have had a few go there for no reason instead of my blog.
Josie is usually the culprit most likely because blogger sends whore measuring the spam box. :)

Rob said...

Great meeting you, Grump and let's do it again real soon. It was awesome to see the "2-4" in action. Lesson learned. Definitely the most powerful hand in poker.

Seeing as how you linked me a couple of times in this post, I am expected a huge increase in pageviews today. Thanks!

Stump.....I don't know who you are--by sight, at least--but I want to meet you! Say hello next time, and please if you see me giving my money to a guy covered in Steeler crappola, STOP ME.

So, is that a Grump joke or was there really a comment lost? Why would Josie comment as "Annonymous"? If there's one person who doesn't like keeping herself annonymous it's that biatch!

Rakewell said...

Rob: No joke.

Grrouchie: You were right--it was in the spam folder, which I never bother checking. In fact, I found several others there, too. Strangely, I think they were all from Josie, some under her own name, some anon but probably her. I have no idea why this would be so.

Rakewell said...

Josie: If I were going to title the post based on the effect of looking at you, it would have been called "Medusa" instead of "Eclipse."

Rob said...

Then what I don't get is Josie leaving a comment as "Annonymous" Whatever else you can say about Josie, she's not exactly shy. I mean, I woke up this morning to find a picture of her virtually topless in my email. The sender was none other than Josie herself.

And she is not exactly modest, either. With her ego, the thought of her leaving any comment as "annonymous" is just unfathomable. So I wonder if it is someone else, perhaps the ever evil Lightning pretending to be her.

OR....I suppose she was using some unusual commenting method where she could not sign in.

Now, as for your comment about "Medusa", I almost choked on my (rare) burger when I saw that.
Can't wait to see her reaction.

I would willingly lose several buy-ins just to sit at the same poker table with you and Josie just to hear the insults flying back and forth.

Forget about a poker match, I wanna see Grump and Josie in an insult contest!

Josie said...

@Rob I have no idea why my comments here are anonymous. That's certainly not my intention.

Grumpy, you have a point. Gazing at Medusa caused men to turn to stone. I assume you're implying this happened to a certain body part of yours.

Memphis MOJO said...

I have mixed feelings about spreading the gospel of the mighty 2-4. I like to help up-and-coming players, but I hate to let everybody in on my secret weapon.

~Coach said...

Everyone's gonna be playing the 2-4 soon... :)