Monday, April 30, 2018

Some news about "TBC" Tony

Some of you have already heard that Tony was arrested and jailed yesterday. I learned of it from this tweet:

The blog post in question is here. This is its final paragraph:

The blog post was quickly followed by this explicit threat of suicide posted on Facebook:

It appears from the inmate info shown in the tweet above that he has his first hearing scheduled for Tuesday, May 1 (tomorrow as I write this). You can search Clark County inmate information here.

I think it's almost inevitable that the following information will come out publicly in the legal proceedings. After all, the police officers will have to explain what information they were acting on. So here it is: I'm the one that made the report. (Of course, others might have, too. I don't know.) I've been torn about saying this, because on the one hand I don't want to sound like I'm boasting (far from it), but on the other hand, when it becomes public, I don't want it to look like I was trying to conceal my actions, as if I'm ashamed of them. I'm not.

Here's the story:

Tony has made threats of both suicide and violence against others before, of varying degrees of vagueness. But if memory serves, they've always been accompanied by disclaimers along the lines of, "Of course I would never really do that," explaining that he's a coward at heart, and/or that he wouldn't want to go to hell. It weighed on me that there was no such disclaimer in either of yesterday's alarming communications. Maybe the omission was inadvertent, but it seemed that it might be significant. The line about getting his name on TV and in the newspapers also seemed to me like it added a new element of scariness and seriousness that I had not detected in his previous outbursts.

After stewing over Tony's blog post for an hour or so, I decided that I couldn't ignore it. Threatening to join the ranks of mass public killers is a line that one simply cannot cross. Much like threatening to kill the president or saying at the airport that you have a bomb in your suitcase, I think we have a collective social obligation not to wave off such communications, even when, as here, our hunch is that they will not be acted upon.

I decided to call security at the Hoover Dam Lodge, where I assumed Tony still was. I did that rather than calling police, reasoning that casino security are better than police at quietly taking somebody into a secure location. Put another way, there would be less chance of the encounter spiraling out of control into a police shooting or some other tragic, unintended, violent outcome. The security guy I talked to was well aware of who Tony was, and that he had been in house all weekend.

I read him the crucial sentences of the blog post, and answered a bunch of his questions: No, I didn't think Tony would actually carry out his threat--in fact, I thought it was only about a 1% chance that he would. No, I didn't think he had any weapons. That sort of thing.

He called me back a few minutes later, because he had been unable to find the blog post. I walked him through getting to it. In the meantime, I had seen the Facebook post about suicide, and passed that along. Hearing that, the man said he had to call 911, and hung up.

Some more time passed, and then I got a call from a Metro Police dispatcher, asking me to repeat the information, though she was focused entirely on the suicide threat, not the murder threat. She asked me to read the Facebook post to her while she transcribed it word for word. (I offered to email a link or screen capture, and she said they couldn't take information that way, which seemed strange and primitive to me.) I answered several more questions about what I knew about Tony's mental health, whether he used any drugs or alcohol, etc. That conversation was the last I heard until I saw John Mehaffey's tweet several hours later. I don't know what transpired in between.

I feel terrible about the trouble that Tony is in, even though I knew that something like that would be the nearly inevitable result of making that initial phone call. He doesn't need more issues on his plate to deal with.

I've looked briefly at the criminal statute under which he's being charged, and my first impression is that it doesn't fit very well with what actually happened. I think a good attorney could probably get him out of this with a guilty plea on some much lower misdemeanor charge and minimal or no jail time. But, of course, he'll be depending on a public defense attorney, and it's impossible to know how skilled, experienced, and overworked they might be.

I hope with all my might that the main outcome is Tony getting some court-ordered help, rather than left in a jail cell to get even angrier than he already is. I know Tony well enough to be able to guess that he will blame me for all of the fallout from this incident. I still consider him a friend, and hope that he will do the same, but it won't surprise me if I become persona non grata, either temporarily or permanently.

I weighed that consequence before making the report, but in the end decided that I just couldn't look the other way on this one, as I and so many others of his friends and followers have done previously. Maybe I'm wrong, but this one struck me as several notches of escalation beyond what I had seen and heard before. I'm not easily alarmed, but it alarmed me in a way that I don't recall feeling with his previous antics.

I suppose some readers will think I did the right thing, while others will think I was being petty or vindictive or grandstanding or dramatic or whatever. All I can tell you is that it felt awful to do, and still feels awful now. Not awful in the sense of being wrong, but awful in the sense of dreading the consequences but still feeling like it was what needed to be done. I can only imagine how terribly angry and miserable and scared Tony must be in jail today, and I hate that that is so, and that there's nothing I can do to make it any less terrible.

In life, as in poker, all we can do is make the best decision possible with imperfect information and imperfect judgment, then let the cards fall where they may.


seattleirish said...

You did the right thing. Tony has had multiple folks tell him that his written threats can/will get him into trouble. And, while he is a very meek and timid guy most of the time, he is capable of intense rage when overwhelmed by frustration. thing.

"i see people out having a good time not a care in the world and i just wish they were dead and that i could be the one to arrange it, to do something which would get my name in the papers on TV forever like so many others have done. to kill people simply for being happy, and for not having to sweat the hustle everyday to survive like i do."

You did the right thing.


ManInBlack said...

I can't believe I'm gonna defend TBC. But what u did was horrible and wrong. We all know that TBC couldn't hurt a fly. For you to snitch him out was uncalled for and out of line.

AlaskaGal said...

You say we all know Tony couldn’t hurt a fly yet you have (on multiple occasions) insinuated you would find him and harm him in some way.

Lester said...

In previous similar threatening posts of Tony's in some cases I had posted a reply that asked if he forgot to conclude the particular rage post with some sort of "of course I'm just kidding..." verbiage. When I saw the one and only comment in the most recent rage post I got a bad feeling in my stomach. Then I saw Gump's link from our Hero's page. And while I am saddened I am not surprised. Tony has walked the fine line between freedom and being jailed for many years and it looks like it finally caught up with him.

Zoddiac said...

Grump - this was absolutely the right thing to do. Flash forward to if/when Tony were to carry out some/all of his written words... the collective reading audience would sit there and point fingers about who should have reported what, and that we all thought Tony would never have actually hurt anyone, etc... Pretty much all the same narratives about each one of the horrific mass-shooters in recent memory.

Correct, Tony is not a murderer. And your actions may have helped in preventing him from becoming one. He is at a breaking point and I hope he gets the proper help.

Matt said...

Tough spot, OP. You're far more sympathetic than I would be (as his friend). I do not know who this guy is, but he looks like a grown man. Grown men can't make threats that involve taking innocent lives. This guys needs a punch to the face (ie: jail) or more. Hope he gets the help he needs and can re-acclimate.

AlaskaGal said...

Normally I would agree, but Tony is Autistic and his thinking isn’t always rational. He needs mental help, not jail.

SirFWALGMan said...

I am on the fence but like you said I don't think he will be going to jail. I really hope they put him in for a psych review and get him some help. I don't think you can be put in prison for unspecified threats so hopefully that will not happen. As for if you did the right thing who knows.. It seems to come from a good place though. Let's wait and see what the outcome is.

Jordan said...

Grump, you did the right thing. I just read his post moments ago and was typing something in his comments about how some of his friends needed to get the police involved, but I ultimately didn't post it because I figured TBC would just delete it and nothing would be done anyway. Thank you for doing that which we all should have done. His post was the most threatening I had seen, and we all would have been in some small way complicit if he acted out and harmed himself or someone else.

As for this idea that you did something wrong, that is easy to say for people who were doing nothing. I ask Alaska Gal, if you think TBC needed mental health, how do you suppose that will happen without legal intervention? TBC took 5 years to get a tooth pulled. Do you think he is going to voluntarily get himself committed or stay at one address long enough to get regular mental health treatment or even spend the money on mental health? What Grump did will hopefully lead TBC to the help he needs, whether it be jail (which is not entirely inappropriate given his history) or mental health help.

In any event, good job, Grump. Its a tough job, but you did what a real friend should do. Its easy to sit back and be a friend by doing nothing while someone falls apart. Its hard to make tough decisions to hopefully protect a friend from himself.

Anonymous said...

You made a tough call. But to do nothing with your knowledge would have been a crime.

Cardgrrl said...

You did the right thing, in the best way you knew how. I am proud of you, and I empathize with the discomfort and concern you feel.

FlushhDraw said...

I contemplated this for many hours trying to weigh one side with the other side, but when it came right down to it, with life being the absolute most important thing in this world, I think what you did Grump was correct.

Pete said...

I find TBC to be a despicable human being with no redeeming qualities. However if the criminal charge is based on the blog post it is bullshit. As a threat of violence against others I do not see it as a true threat. Oh yes he truly probably would like to kill others and he has a history of violence, but the nature of the post is remote venting. Now if the charge is based on something else ... like statements made to police or hotel security that additional information would need to be considered.

As to your reporting this. I give you the benefit of the doubt. I believe you were mostly concerned with the suicide threat ... and I can understand that you thought you were helping Tony. (while I don;t understand why anyone would want to help him, I get that different people have different values) But the idea that we should report these kinds of posts as threats of violence against others troubles me...... Because these types of threats in and of themselves are not really threats of immediate violence and treating them as they are can be used to oppress people expressing unpopular views.

TBC is a danger to others because he is a self centered nut job who believes ridiculous conspiracy theories and has poor impulse control. If you are truly worried about him as a threat to others after reading his blog ..... why did you not think he was such a danger to others before? It is not like this sort of thing is new to him.

Rakewell said...

Pete: As I said in the post, my first impression is that the statute under which he's being charged doesn't fit very well with what happened. Part of that is just what you said, that it wasn't a true threat. Relatedly, the statute lists what one's intentions had to have been to constitute a violation. I agree that the most like actual intention was basically to yell at the world, "I'm pissed off," rather than to induce fear or the other things listed in the law. So he may be able to get off with arguments along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Could you provide some background concerning this person? I have been reading your blog for several years and this is the first time I have heard of this person. Did you play against him when you lived in Vegas? Is he a regular player? A good one? Stuff like that.

Steve Lanzi said...

Hey Rakewell, long time no type. Just wanted to say, thanks for being concerned about Tony (and the rest of humanity) and I think you did the right thing in contacting authorities. Also I still miss the days of your writing about making a living playing poker in Vegas :-)

Thanks for this info, I will be praying and sending good thoughts/wishes to Tony and his family. God knows they need it.

I am *not* optimistic at all that Tony can really change without being absolutely forced to, but I don't want horrible things to happen to him, his family or others, either.

Koala said...

You did the right thing Grump. I was sitting here reading his blog and it scared the crap out of me. Unfortunately my reply on his blog has not been posted. I think he might have been arrested before he had a chance to read and respond to it. In it I was pleading with him to get help. Dropping that much money I could see him throwing an ashtray or some other heavy object across a room and injuring somebody, or worse screaming and yelling at the police and being forcefully arrested or worse.

I really was toying with the idea of calling the LV Police from my home here in Australia. I was so relieved when I read you had done so. Like you I know Tony and what he is capable of doing when he cracks. It is complete rage and uncontrollable reactions. Reading the comments on your blog proves there are many with similar views of TBC. I just was not sure how seriously the Police would take my call coming from Australia. So on behalf of Tony, I thank you for your concern.

I agree with AlaskaGal, he does not need jail time, he needs medical treatment. But if this is the process that has to be taken to get him this treatment, then so be it. Grump, you are a true friend of his, I hope that one day Tony will realize this and perhaps thank you for your actions.

Anonymous said...

This was a bad idea through and through. This idea that somehow Tony can be "forced to get help" is so misguided. How would Tony kill any group of people? Can he even drive? What sort of weapon would he use? Not thoughts that really go anywhere. Now he will have a whole different mess of stuff to deal with. As I haven't been following his situation, hopefully he doesn't lose all his belongings too.

Like talking to a therapist is going to change Tony. This same guy who has had dozens of people giving him advice for years. Little of it which makes any difference.

I'll be impressed if this is approved by the blog author.

Rakewell said...

Anonymous: Click on the link at the end of the post that says "Label: TBC" for more of my encounters with Tony.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I’ll say this much: the moniker “Grump” is appropriate.

Because your life sucks and you needed to do something to make yourself feel important, TBC is now MORE likely to carry out the threats he made in that post, What on God’s green earth makes you think for a second that he can handle this on top of everything else in his life? (Especially given the fact that from a mental capacity standpoint he’s starting with one hand tied behind his back?)

And just LOL at the “I still consider him a friend” bit.

This is complete and total BS, and you know it. If everyone who ever posted a paragraph like that on the internet got arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, this country might as well be Saudi Arabia.

I realize that TBC is an easy target because he’s constantly promoting his very warped worldview in his blog. He truly believes what he’s saying, and he really doesn’t give two s***s
about what anyone else thinks about it.

This is below the belt though, dude. You’re not helping in any way whatsoever.

Lester said...

"How would Tony kill any group of people?" is a good question.

It is correct that he can not drive a car or truck and would likely never be able to rent one and we all know he is too inept to steal one.

Short story on any short of gun(s) is no way.

But.... Tony getting his hands on a couple of Buck knives, or butcher knives would be his most easy and likely method to inflict that harm he periodically rants about. So given the choice of taking the chance he stabs 50 to 100 tourists on the strip before being subdued or having a phone call made to proactively prevent Tony from "possibly" going on a stabbing spree and put him in front of law enforcement is a no-brainer. It had to be done. No ifs, ands or buts it had to be done.

In Tony's case it had zero to do with infringing on his first amendment rights and I am not even going to make the argument against protecting internet postings of rants about a desire to inflict harm on others because there is an unwritten default that everyone who posts that crap is "just kidding and doesn't mean it". Defending that as free speech is like defending that big-earred freak in Florida that shot up his old school.

Tarpie said...

I too was alarmed by the tone of TBC'c Sunday blog post. The viciousness of his anger really stood out. So I don't think you were out of line to notify the authorities. The Facebook suicide threat retroactively proves you were rightly concerned about his state of mind.

Hippononymous said...

I have to agree with making this call. Been reading Tony’s blog for a couple years and this post had a sense of desperation about it. Like someone at the end of their rope. He has a history of rash and uncontrolled behavior after a big loss. My first thought after reading the post was he better take that down quick. I was not aware of the suicide threat but that reinforces the need to do something. I cannot imagine him being deemed “fit” to face charges. More likely this will be a path to the correct treatment, subsidized housing, gov assistance, and healthcare needed by someone like him. Hopefully he can get past his paranoia and trust the people in charge of his well being.

jfc said...

you absolutely did the right thing. reading that blog/facebook posting and not doing anything is the crime.

Jordan said...

I find it interesting that some of the people who have spent the most time with TBC and reading his blog were largely in favor of the call. I'd also like to point out to those who are dumping on Grump that he did not call the police about a would-be killer. He called security after TBC threatened suicide. TBC may not be able to coordinate a mass murder, but he can harm himself.

Jennifer Gay said...

Hi! I’ve been a ghost/lurker for the past five years or so.. enough that most of you likely won’t even remember my name.

That isn’t relevant.

Grump, you did the right thing.

For any of you who would DARE imply that he didn’t? You’re terrible human beings.

I lived through October1 here in Vegas. I was 8 months pregnant and though not at the concert, I was across the street and locked down with hundreds of seriously injured people, unable to do a damn thing to help them. While we can all agree it’s unlikely that Tony would be capable of pulling off any sort of organized attack, if there is even a 1% chance that today was the day he spent his sock roll on a weapon and committed a hate crime - it was worth whatever the potential peripheral damage.

“Tony gonna Tony” used to be a regular expression around here. I don’t know if it still is.. I’ve been busy with life. But here’s the deal: None of us are free from repercussions. Tony has been given limitless free passes (and microwaves) under the guise of him being autistic. This time his needs came second to a very specific and different type of threat. This was different, it was worth noting and speaking up about - and anyone who didn’t feel compelled in the same manner should do some serious self evaluation.

Rakewell said...

Hi, Jennifer! Long time no hear from! I have fond memories of our dinner with Tony at that Brazilian restaurant in Vegas.

Hangar18 said...

You did the right thing PG. Tony never learns his lesson and this one will make it so that he has no choice. Yeah, jail is a bit harsh for him but he needs a reality check. Every time he loses money he blames everyone else but himself. He needs mental help but it won't help. He could have a house and $300,000 and he would still be a miserable asshole.
I care more about him harming others than himself - he doesn't care about others.

Anonymous said...

My 2nd post as anonymous.

I don't think people realize how much a court case puts people behind in life. The people in law enforcement have no way to judge TBC due to their lack of context or even the competency to do so. They'll just lock him off and claim "I'm just doing my job" and pass him off to the next guy. Nevada isn't known for their state funded mental care.

Has Tony ever even fired a gun? This gutless scaredy cat is not going to go stab 50-100 tourists. Where do you people come from? I was Hecky on RTP and have been reading this stuff for years. Pete is about the only one who has it right. No wonder he does well in life, he has some appropriate sense of risk assessment.

I don't think TBC should get a pass, but to all at once hold up all these examples of mass killers as a reason to lock Tony in a cage is awful. TBC is right. People are awful. He is awful. Just awfulness abounding. The guy has serious issues and 100% guaranteed this will not help except to get him to not post his thoughts in a blog anymore. He'll learn that lesson.

Yanno, usually when people are locked up like that it is because no one knows what they're planning. Do we really think TBC has become the next Paddock? It is just half baked knee jerk bs.

FlushhDraw said...

I think there's something that people seem to be forgetting. Maybe the life that Grump saved was not somebody Tony would kill, but Tony's life itself.

Anonymous said...

A number of years ago I recall Claudia calling the police after making suicide threats, and all they did was talk to him and no arrest was made. I doubt he serves much time, but if he does it's time for some accountability on his part.

Pete said...

Anonymous: While I agree that calling the police for the threats he made to others was out of line ...... I think Grumps call was more based on the suicide threat. And while I personally wouldn't make any effort to stop TBC from killing himself I will not fault those who would.

But you are wrong aboutTBC not needing legal intervention. He has a lengthy history of violence....(including a conviction for attempted armed robbery). Unfortunately when he has committed these many violent acts he has typically just been thrown out of places and not had any legal consequences. Perhaps if he faced negative legal consequences when he acted violently society might be faced with less of his violent outburts.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a homeless addicted gambler with obvious mental issues that has repeatedly stated that he hates everyone who isn't poor, white, Christian and abstains from drinking/drugs. He's also REPEATEDLY stated that he'd like to harm or kill those people. I have no idea why anyone would say that the thought that he might go on a stabbing spree is half baked.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the bankroll was at? I hope his roll is secured somewhere, last I knew he was around 16k, but guessing he dumped a small fortune which lead to the social media meltdown.

Onechiquita100 said...

Hey Grump, I'd been wrestling with this for some time. For years I sounded like a broken record telling Tony to go to Gambler's Anonymous and trying to get his head outside the box of just gambling, gambling, gambling. I also kept on telling him to go home to Kansas to see his mother and get his ID, birth certificate situation squared away, even offering to pay for airfare to go back.

But as you are well aware, Tony doesn't listen. He doesn't self-reflect. He doesn't understand consequences. He panics. He is 100% reptilian brain. And although he does not have the cold, calculating planning ability of Stephen Paddock, he is capable of depth of feeling when it comes to feeling wronged and a tremendous capacity for jealousy. You did the right thing. Jail is probably not where he should be- I'm thinking more like somewhere with decent mental health facilities but was a 48 hour hold in lieu of jail possible?

Anonymous said...

Pete, I am very suspect of doing it for Tony's well being. Although Grump may very well believe that and is very well intended, Tony is not receiving favors here. It is my belief that someone should be given the right to end their life. It isn't like TBC's kid is depending on him in any way.

Tony's life became considerably more difficult for some time just so someone else can sleep well at night knowing that he hasn't killed himself in the next few days. He is a guy scared of every shadow around him. Can you imagine being locked up? Ugh. We don't know how far back this might set him, due to unforseen consequences. Nor do we understand the level of anger and frustration this might bring him or where that might send him.

As far as the knife thing- If Tony was familiar with guns I could see an issue. However, the level of aggression and physicality needed to go stab people is way beyond Tony's means.

What a fascinating life our TBC has. It has pulled me back in.

Doufous said...

Looks like Tony is being held for another court date on may 15th. I hope they have mashed taters. Maybe a bit of free health care over the next 2 weeks. This could be the blessing in disguise that was needed to take care of those health issues.

Anonymous said...


I'll add my "you absolutely did the right thing" comment. I've been watching this train wreck in progress for years...wondering how it would end. There are many who have attempted to really try to help the guy. And while I'm intimately familiar with the criminal justice system and well aware of the good and the bad, what you did was absolutely necessary.

Does anyone know what happened today in court?

Anonymous said...


Did you attempt to get hold of Tony prior to calling hotel security? To gauge his mind, to gauge if he was merely venting or remotely serious.

If you did, try to call him or whatever, and he failed to respond then I can understand calling security.

However, if you did this without his knowledge, then you are in the wrong.

Also, aren't you or VeryJosie moderators on the blog, and can take it down. Though that may or may not be tampering with evidence. I am not sure.

As a poker player, I really hope you got a hold of Tony to get a read on the situation instead of decreeing yourself what was definetly going to wreck havoc on Tony's life in which may be yet another incredulous rant.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened at his hearing today? Is he staying in custody until the court date on 15th?

Pokerdogg said...

You did the right thing Grump. There are no good options in this case, you picked the best of the options available to you.

Lester said...

Our Hero's pageview counter graph had a massive spike the last 3 days. It is highly unlikely any new comments will be approved or a new blog entry posted. An underpaid cyber geek working with the LEOs has already accessed all of Tony's devices and social media whether our Hero provided the passwords or not. In four weeks that spike in the graph will be gone and I am thinking that last post will be the last post....

Pokerdogg said...

Poker Grump neither has the qualifications, nor the responsibility to make that kind of assessment. Tony's latest blog demonstrate a level of anger and vituol beyond anything he had written before in the 10 years I have read his blogs and forum posts. Someone had to do something, Grump stepped up, good on him. Rest of us didn't, shame on us.

Anonymous said...

Grump was not the only one.

docglock said...

I know tony like most of you. I have given him rides in vegas and Shreveport.
Most of you do not know me, that is because I have asked TBC not to mention me in his post.
Tony would always make me promise not to tell anyone what hotel he was staying at.
So I do believe that TBC wouldn't hurt anyone.
I would like to say no one is a killer until they are one.
I would like to also say that TBC's blog, which anyone could have read and contacted the police.
First police see suicide and then they see a fantasy of mass murder.
police do not know TBC they do not know if he is armed dangerous, all they know is he has a criminal record of armed robbery and his blog.
No telling how this could have ended up, if Grump didn't get involved.

docglock said...

I have known Tony on a personal level, I have given him rides in vegas and Shreveport,
I would like to add a different take on this scenario.
What if the police who had a felon that was guilty of armed robbery,
a blog of hate and violence towards others.
How would the police make contact With TBC and start saying stuff and then it just escalated to some sort of force.
People are being arrested for making comments about shooting up a school.
I only hope TBC gets the true help he needs.

Anonymous said...

Prison isn't some great social welfare agency, they won't take care of Tony's dental
issues or mental health issues. If he gets sentenced and he gets another tooth infected, they'll pull it for him, but that's about it. People thinking this is going to help him are living in fantasy land. Perhaps if someone close to Tony could have gotten him committed, but getting him imprisoned is like trying to fix a broken glass bottle with a hammer. Tony knows nothing of guns and wouldn't be allowed to buy one, and I doubt he had the guts for suicide, but if he did that was his personal business.

Tony Bigcharles said...

ive told people many times this was not armed robbery ive never been armed in my life. it was attempted robbery. statements like this many people believe and this is why they worry about violence. mentally ill people get steotyped much worse than black men

Anonymous said...


If you have TBC's phone number, why did you not give him a call first to see how he is doing? If you consider him a friend, isn't the first step to reach out to a friend? Tony's blog says you have his number and didn't reach out.

Anonymous said...

Tony's post arrest blog post shows us all he has learned absolutely 0 from this experience. His mighty lord saved him. Yeah, ok. Not his friends who came to his side & brought a lawyer to counsel him. Hope his lord can save his sock roll next time he spews at a VBJ game because as someone who had hope this experience would turn him around, I officially give up...

Anonymous said...

I also can't believe the part where he suspects its Grump's fault he's banned from Golden Nugget. Seriously TBC? Not the fact that you threatened to harm dozens of "happy people" publicly on your blog. You are the one who hit PUBLISH. if getting banned from GN is the worst of your punishment, I'd say you had a pretty good week. Good grief.

Andrew said...

Jennifer Gay:

"Grump, you did the right thing.

For any of you who would DARE imply that he didn’t? You’re terrible human beings."

That seems dramatic and extreme. Grump himself acknowledges the nuance of the situation, that he's making the best decision he can based on the info he had. Seems about right to me. One of the comments here makes a good point, that involving the police and maybe some jail time only to release him a few days later (which is likely all that happens here) could potentially leave Tony in an even worse place. It's difficult and a tricky spot, and I certainly wouldn't fault Grump for doing what he thought was right. (But that doesn't mean it's clear as day and there aren't tradeoffs to consider.)

The only thing I find unreasonable is what you're doing, to pretend it isn't a nuanced situation and that being vaguely sympathetic to not reporting would make someone a "terrible human being".

It's better to just say what you think, if by chance you happen to have anything meaningful to say. No one should be called a terrible person because they gave feedback on a complicated situation.

Anonymous said...

I won't say what I think of Jennifer Gay's character, but it was all about concern for herself while declaring it to be the other around (No doubt for her own benefit and those reading it) No care about TBC who regardless of what you think, was not born with much to work with. The existence of Paddock has not changed humanity just because someone happened to be across the street at the time. It means 0 in relation to TBC. That doesn't give her a right to judge others who would rather not have see TBC shit upon even if we despise him in some ways. "Oh I was there. *I* know".

TBC has likely been banned from The Nugget after someone in the room talked about TBC and it made its way up to management. Why wouldn't they ban someone who made posts like that? This incident made it throughout the poker media. This is one of those unintended consequences I was talking about. Possibly someone despised him and complained personally.

Rakewell said...

That was a lot of saying what you think about her character, for somebody who started off by saying "I won't say what I think of Jennifer Gay's character."

Memphis MOJO said...

I know Jennifer Gay and I can say her character is quite high -- a great person, period.

Anonymous said...

Option A) One guy spends a few days in jail because he spewed off a bunch of vile & violent nonsense
Option B) A mentally unstable person actually goes through with the murders he *publicly said* he wanted to commit because his feelings mattered more than Innocent Victim A's life to everyone around him.

I don't care what the odds are - allowing Option B to happen is not ok. It's not your fault you had to choose the best of two crappy options, Grump, & I think you made the right call.

Anonymous said...

Genuine question: what are Tony's redeeming qualities? I don't know the man but from what I've read we are talking about someone with Aspergers (lacking empathy and basic social skills), a ticking time bomb, a problem gambler, and someone who uses faith and politics who justify his anger. Sounds like he needs help, but I'm curious to know why so many people are invested in him. I imagine most well adjusted people would treat him with basic decency and wouldn't go out their way to put him down, but they also wouldn't have room in their life to tend to such toxicity. We are all flawed humans and the beauty of friendship is that there's a bond that allows us to overlook each others' shortcomings. So without malice, I am asking how Tony enriches your life. What does he offer outside of outrageous stories and a shared interest in poker?

Anyway, I believe you did the right thing Grump. I also hope he finds the help he needs, and not in the form of an invisible man sitting on a cloud.

Steve Lanzi said...

Rakewell, have you tried to check Tony's blog lately? I am locked out. It looks like he's made it readable on Blogger "by invitation only."

That's his right, but then I guess it's pretty much the end of his blog, in public at least. I agree with everyone above stating, Tony apparently just can't-- or won't-- learn from his experiences. I'd also love to know how he expects to ever get another spike in readership by only allowing his most ardent 'yes men' to read his rants.

There's a lot more I could say but I'm angry and it would come off really badly, so I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading blogs on tony bigcharles on and off for years. Going all the way back to roughing the punter and allvegaspoker. Usually checking in 3 or 4 times a year. I read the blog for entertainment. I agree that Tony is not a good person as has little capacity for reasonable thought. What I find more troubling than Tony's outlook on life is the same trolls like Pete and Grump etc. Are your lives so small that your purpose in life is to make Tony's life even harder and more miserable than it already is? Does it make you feel better that you can find and harass someone that is smaller minded than yourselves? You go out of your way to get him banned from as many poker rooms as you can? At the same time claim to be his friend and worried about him? If he is such a despicable person than go away. Don't read his blog. Personally I find it fascinating that a person which a mental disability and severely demented outlook on life has somehow managed to survive his entire life. Especially without any government assistance over the last 10 years. You guys made sure of that. Can any of you honestly say that you have not received any form of government assistance over the last ten years? I mean any form inclusive of ALL forms of government assistance whether it be down payment assistance, or a government loan, or check from the stimulus package 10 years ago? I believe that you guys are simply jealous of Tony for all the attention he gets. Grump and his merry men cant stomach the idea that someone like Tony garners more attention and popularity than they do. Get over yourselves. What are your thoughts readers?