Friday, September 01, 2023

Deuce-Four defeats Jean-Robert Bellande

 In the latest episode of "High Stakes Poker," Rick Salomon raised with deuce-four, Bellande three-bet with pocket queens, and Salomon quickly re-raised all-in. After agonizing a bit, Bellande folded. 

And this is Bellande's face after Salomon showed: 

Now, this doesn't make sense. If Bellande were any good at poker, he would be exhibiting relief. He would know that QQ doesn't stand a chance against 2-4, and that he made the right decision. 


unabletodeleteblogprofile said...

Nailed it.

geezer said...

I hate to admit it Grump but you are responsible for my living in a van down by the river. I keep getting 2-4 and going "what the hell the Grump plays it" why not give it a hasn't been pretty

Rakewell said...

Obviously you're playing it wrong.