Friday, December 19, 2008

What happened at the Sahara?

I was at the Sahara buffet for dinner tonight (pretty awful--can't recommend it), and as I was leaving, I passed the poker room. The "cage" area was cordoned off with yellow police tape, and there were several police officers hanging around. This was about 20 minutes ago. Most obvious conclusion is that there was a robbery of the poker cash. If anybody knows, please speak up in the comments.


It appears that my guess was correct. Here's the first news item on it, though with practically no details:


The text of the story at that link changes as they get more information. Here's what it says now (11:40 p.m. Friday night):

Las Vegas Metro Police are investigating an armed robbery at the poker room
inside the Sahara Hotel and Casino.

Police say the robbery happened just before 6:00 p.m. The robbery was
to the Sahara, not a player. No word on how much money taken or if a weapon was

No one was injured.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if reporters even think about what they're writing. If it isn't clear to you what I mean, let me make it more obvious:

"Police are investigating an ARMED robbery.... No word on how much money taken or IF A WEAPON WAS USED."



timpramas said...

But we know the robber had at least one arm.

Wolynski said...

I stopped by around 10 p.m. - it was one white guy with a gun - the shift boss Jeff gave him the money.

This is all suspect - they don't have a panic button?

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