Saturday, May 29, 2010

Deuce-four claims another unsuspecting victim

Cardgrrl pointed me to this entry (dated tomorrow, strangely) in the blog of Starsky76:


So I have about 20K left and were now in the 600/1200/100 level and am in
BB with A,10o. SB has been way short since I got to the table. Folds around to
SB who shoves for 6500 chips. I hadn't looked at my hand yet and when I did I
snap called.He had 2,4o! I flop an ace, he turns a 4 and rivers a duece, nice.
Burn another third of my stack.
That's just what's gonna happen when you try to run something weak like A-10 up against the Mighty Deuce-Four!

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