Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The future of online poker

"bill rini" writes about the business of online poker with more insight and better analysis than anybody else, if you ask me. So when he did a post today with the same title as you see above, I paid attention to it. I was right to do so. He brings up points and issues and likely developments that I had not thought about before. If it's a subject you care about, go read what Bill has to say, here.


Conan776 said...

"Legalize and it tax to death" still seems like the worst of all possible worlds for the average player, despite the vocal support of such a scheme by the so-called "Poker Player Alliance"

astrobel said...

Overall the whole thing is very scary indeed. At the moment I happily play from the UK at several rooms which offer a good variety of games, offers, player pool and all TAX FREE. I hope this US madness won't change the whole thing for worse.