Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick life update

Nope--not writing about the fish found at poker tables. The above is part of the decor at Kinkead's, one of the nicest restaurants I've ever dined at. Cardgrrl and I ate there tonight, my belated Valentine's Day gift to her, as it's her favorite eatery. I'm not so big on seafood, which is their speciality, but I had a Jamaican whole roasted yellowtail snapper with banana-habernero ketchup and mango salsa, which was surprisingly good. I was even so adventurous as to take a couple of bites of Cardgrrl's squid appetizer. Then we had for dessert the most luscious sorbets I've ever tasted--a trio of pineapple, sour cherry, and mixed berry.

We spent much of the day shopping for some clothes for her and for a gift for the wedding we're attending tomorrow. (For those keeping score, that's two new life experiences in one day--clothes shopping with Cardgrrl and eating squid.) Thursday Cardgrrl was at the TedXPotomac conference with some friends, which had been planned long before this trip. I just slept, puttered around, and went for a walk in the neighborhood. Tomorrow is the wedding, and after that I really don't know what the rest of this trip will entail. It's not like we spent months planning out every minute.

That's what I've been up to. Yeah, I know it's pretty uninteresting to read about--no need to express such a gripe in the comments.


Katie said...

I love Kinkead's! I went to GW and that's where students get their parents to take them when they come to town. My old stomping grounds. :)

Anonymous said...

bob, u have a crush? mutual?

Mark T said...

Nonsense! I love reading about other people's fun trips and meals. It makes me look forward to my forthcoming vacation that much more.

Enjoy! Mangia!

astrobel said...

When are you two getting married ???