Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cardinal sin in online poker design

I'll get right to the point. When playing online poker, anyplace you click to designate your action in advance should correspond to the same action when the "it's your turn" set of controls pops up. The reason for this is that once in a while you go to click your action in advance of your turn, but just before you click the mouse button, it's suddenly your turn, and you're clicking on a set of controls that wasn't the same a split second before.

Bodog is a prime offender in this respect:

If you go to click on "fold," but the set of controls suddenly changes, now you're not clicking on the "fold" button, but instead on either "1/2 pot" or "3/4 pot." It's not a total catastrophe, because to confirm the bet you have to either click on the "raise" button or hit "enter" on the keyboard, so you can abort.

Still, it's an obvious design flaw that would be easy to fix. I don't understand why they don't.

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Jamie said...

As a software developer by trade, I am constantly amazed at how little attention a good user interface design is given. Even when we're talking about multi-million dollar products. For all of the crap that Microsoft gets, they do very well with user interface design (Microsoft Office is a prime example). Apple, of course, leads the way in good UI design. But UI design is expensive and harder than it looks, which is why software companies tend to overlook it. It's a fatal flaw in a lot of instances. MySpace vs. Facebook, anyone?