Saturday, November 27, 2010



I played at the Palms today. They had two new chips in circulation:

The first girl looks like a dream, and you'd probably live happily ever after if you married her. As for the second one, well, before you go falling in love with her, you'd better take a good look at her backside.

Wait. That didn't come out right.

You should take a look at the back side of her chip.

Yeah. I don't think anybody wants to be waking up to that. Morning breath is bad enough.


There's a guy I seriously dislike--because he is rude and brash and full of himself--and with whom I have had two major prior confrontations (poker ones, not personal ones), described in way too much detail here and here. He got the better of me the first day we met, but I took a measure of revenge the next.

He joined my game after I had been there a couple of hours:

I was looking forward to stacking him again. He was playing his usual game, full of crazy bluffs and bluster. I was disappointed that in the relatively short time he played we had no large pots together. One time I folded a 4-5 offsuit to his raise because I was out of position. The flop came 6-7-8, and he won it with a continuation bet. Oh, how I wish I had stayed in. It would have been epic.

Mr. Slot Machine

There was a man in a slot machine costume walking around handing out small cash prizes to people playing what I gather is a new game they're trying to promote. He looked so silly I felt obligated to snap a photo, for which he enthusiastically posed:

Here's what I wondered about him: What does he fill in for his job description on his tax forms? I fear it's probably something boring like "Casino promotions," or "Public relations." I think he should make it more interesting, like maybe "Professional slot machine impersonator."


The plans I had made for Thanksgiving didn't end up working out quite the way I had expected, and I ended up just eating some leftover Mexican food at home by myself. (Cue the sad violin music.) I decided to make up for it today. Fortunately, you can sort of cobble together a decent imitation of a Thanksgiving feast just about any day of the year by dropping in on any of a couple dozen different casino buffets.

I had never tried the Palms buffet before, but I had a lot of food comp dollars unused, so I decided to tap into them today. I was surprised that the lunch buffet is only $12. I loaded up my plate with turkey and mashed potatos and gravy and veggies and bread and rice (that's right, tripled up on the carbs), with cherry pie for dessert. It was still a little lonesome, but it felt that I had set things mostly right again. I played poker in a mild turkey stupor.

What about the poker? Sorry. It was pretty boring. I was down, I was up, I got lucky, I got unlucky, blah, blah, blah--nothing sufficiently interesting to write up. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

I ate at the Palms Buffet for lunch a few years ago and it was one of the only times I've been disappointed in a Vegas buffet. There was just nothing special about it. Hopefully it was better for you!

Mark T said...

Any thoughts on best Vegas buffets?

I've been impressed by M (of course - I hear raves about it all the time), and GVR. Since I can get GVR ones for free, often, I like to eat there when I can.