Saturday, April 14, 2012

My amazing week

To say that I am not normally a social creature would be the understatement of the year. But this week saw a confluence of events and out-of-town visitors that brought out my inner mingler. Most notably, my pals Grange95, WriterJen, and PokerLawyer all came to Vegas to celebrate my birthday a few days early. (Well, they all had other flimsy cover stories, but I know the real reason. It's all about me, obviously.) We were joined, at various times, by a bunch of others, including some I always enjoy hanging out with--LasVegasPokers, PinkLadiesPT, PokerVixen, CKBWOP, CureMTM--the last of whom tied us into a new circle of friends, as seen in the first picture below.

The festivities included, in various subgroupings of the above people:
  • Penn and Teller at the Rio (my fourth time seeing their show, which is always fantastic)
  • Driving and hiking around Red Rock Canyon
  • Long but cheap rubdowns from massage therapy students at this place
  • Dinners at Lindo Michoacan, Simpatico (former mayor Oscar Goodman's brand-new restaurant inside the Plaza Hotel--maybe the best Italian food I've had in Vegas), and Delmonico Steakhouse
  • Profitable poker sessions at Binion's and Venetian
I had expected this to be a rather expensive week of socializing, but for nearly all of the things that cost much, one person or another was generously stepping up and insisting on paying either with casino comps or their own money. I have such nice friends!

Here's the gang at Delmonico. That's right--it's me and eight lovely ladies (seven here, but one hadn't yet arrived), cuz that's just how I roll. (They do not all have devil eyes as it might appear.)

Here's another gang at Simpatico:

One small bit of the scenery at Red Rock:

A nice pair of Ferrari f430s (the convertible version of the car I drove last month) parked at Red Rock:

All in all, it was one of the best weeks I've ever had since living in Vegas, and almost certainly the best one that didn't include Cardgrrl. In fact, one downside to spending so much time with other people is that, paradoxically, it reminds me more acutely of how much I miss her.

Almost all of the visitors have now flown back home, so it's back to the grind for me--which this weekend must sadly include a big chunk of time doing my federal income taxes. Ick.


The Neophyte said...

Happy birthday Grump, sounds like you had a pretty danged good one.

grrouchie said...

Great B-day man!

Though I don't know why they would make up other stories as to why they are really in town.

Rob said...

Happy Birthday, Grump, sounds like you had a lot of fun, especially with all those lovely ladies. I did follow a lot of this on twitter.

How about identifying everyone in the group pics?

Rakewell said...

I deliberately didn't, because some have reasons not to have names and faces linked publicly online.

Rob said...

Yeah, I thought that might the reason. I, of all people, can certainly understand that.

PokerLawyer said...

I had a blast! Miss you :)