Monday, July 07, 2008

Where are the photographers when you need them?

Another PokerNews live-blogging post from yesterday's WSOP, reposted here just for general amusement purposes:

Beautiful Distractions

Karina Jett just stopped by Antonio Esfandiari's table to see her friend
Heather Esquin. Not only did she say hello, but Jett thoroughly rubbed and
squeezed Esquin's breasts. She claimed it was for good luck.

Esfandiari commented, "How are we as men supposed to concentrate with that
going on?"

I thought I had heard just about every method ever invoked for and by poker players for the bringing of luck, but I have to admit that this was a new one on me. But I've checked the rule books, and there doesn't appear to be any specific prohibition against it.

I'm going to have remember this. Next time I am at a poker table with a beautiful young woman who seems to be getting more than her fair share of bad beats, I'll have my offer ready: "Say, I've heard of something that brings good luck...."


Anonymous said...

Back in '04 I was at the Bellagio playing 2/5 NL. I had a Asian woman on my right that was really friendly. A blonde with a nice rack sat down across the table. The two knew each other. Well, a discussion about top pair came up and the Asian said the blonde really had the top pair and went around the table to squeeze them. No one could play a hand for like almost an orbit.

gtycoon said...

I need to move to Vegas ;-)

Definitely would like to see the security camera footage if any one can gain access to it.