Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Celebrity sighting

Somebody gave me a ticket for a free preview showing of "Valkyrie" at the theater at the Palms tonight. Have I mentioned sufficiently often how much I like free stuff?

I went (by myself--how pathetic is my life?), and saw none other than Andy Bloch a short distance ahead of me in line.

They ran out of seats for "Valkyrie," but offered instead to let the rest of us see "Yes Man." I had intended to see it anyway, so I accepted. It was as funny as a Jim Carrey movie should be, though pretty predictable. I haven't paid much attention to Zooey Deschanel before, but she stole my heart in this film--and such a cool name.

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Sonata#8 said...

At least he wasn't wearing that stupid hat.