Monday, August 31, 2009

Bear with me, please

I realize that things have been slow here lately. This is largely due to spending free time handing out with the delightful Cardgrrl rather than sitting alone in my apartment thinking up pokery things to gripe about.

Some might even consider this an improvement in life.

But I have to warn you that things are going to get even slower in the immediate future. Wednesday I leave for nearly a week, heading back to Minnesota. My brother is getting married, so I need to be there. Also, I have a bunch of highly unpleasant but necessary tasks that I left behind when I left in haste three years ago--stuff that needs attending to and cleaning up. I will not be taking laptop with me, though I'll have access to one there. Then when I get back, Cardgrrl will still be here for a few more days.

So it may be a while before there is much substantive posted here, for which my apologies in advance. I know it seems odd, but sometimes actual life has to take precedence over both poker and blogging. This little stretch is going to be one of those times. And after that, I have an out-of-town visitor coming to stay for a while (the ex-wife, actually!), so will be doing some of the tour-guide kind of stuff.

But I shall surely return, as good (or as bad) as ever. I hope you'll stick around through the hiatus.


Anonymous said...

Did not realize they ran you out of town....Good luck...might try some of them there injun places while home. Think Bills is fishy just wait.

bastinptc said...

Go in peace.

diverjoules said...

Have fun. Travel Safe and be well Rakewell. Will be here upon your return. :-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hiatus and family time---hopefully that far outweighs any unpleasantness.