Monday, August 10, 2009

"Face the Ace," second time around

The second installment was as bad as the first, but, as a bonus, we added:

-- An extra-annoying contestant, a woman who (A) would never stop giggling, (B) could not stop fawning over Gus Hansen.

-- Atrocious grammar from the announcers, specifically saying of the first contestant that Gavin Smith "stood between he and a million dollars." (Assignment for the on-air talent: Review 5th-grade lessons in use of pronouns.)

-- Horrible poker. The giggling player admittedly suffered a cooler when she had top two pair to Hansen's flopped full house. But rather than get it all in, she saved herself the grand sum of three big blinds. Then on the next hand, she has the button, has ace-rag, and just CALLS the big blind rather than shoving her last 3 BB stack in. WTF??? How did she get a seat on this show? It surely couldn't have been by playing POKER!


Anonymous said...

Like you, I'm a television poker junkie, but I can't take this show either.

First you have Steve Schirripa asking the guy who just lost a guaranteed $200,000 and a chance at $1,000,000, "So how do you feel right now?" Oh, I don't know....bad? Poor guy looked like he wanted to just leave so he could puke and then have a good cry.

And that She only made one halfway impressive play on about the third hand they showed when she came over the top of Gus with nothing to win a small pot. Other than that she was terrible.

genomeboy said...

Yes, Shirpa has been awful in everying hes done post Sopranos (and his character on that show was pretty annoying as well, but was intended to be, I think).

But, even the first guy was pretty bad in his match against Gavin Smith, besides that soul read when Gavin had the pair of 10's on the board with overs and the contestant had q's. For the love of Pete, had that guy ever heard of a 3 bet.

Once he lost a few pots, he became so stinking passive (although it is likely we only saw a small number of hands...). He limped too much.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Good points in first two comments -- I can't disagree.

I will say I cared a little more about what was going on in this second episode while watching Topel lose his match & thus his ticket out of the basement. Kind of hard not to experience a little empathy there.

Still, hard not to believe "Face the Ace" is destined to follow the sad path of "Celebrity Boxing," "Man Vs. Beast," and the XFL.

dbcooper said...

Grump I actually like the concept. The amateur against the pro. Sure that second lady was a bit over the top but I really enjoyed the show. Rather watch that anyday compared to that Phil Hellmuth/AnnieDuke thing.