Thursday, September 10, 2009

Try a pizza

A couple of weeks ago I overheard some of the dealers at MGM Grand poker room talking about a new pizza place that a friend of theirs had recently opened. They were raving about the food. I didn't get the impression that they were just talking up the place as a favor to a friend, because I was overhearing a discussion that wasn't really meant for me. I jotted down the name and looked it up later when I got home:

Tonight I tried it for the first time. It was sadly unpatronized. My ex-wife and I were the only two customers in the place the entire duration of our dinner. They have really great "grand opening" deals still going on: e.g., half price on any pizza for dining in, which is the special we took advantage of. We got a pepperoni and Canadian bacon large (16") thin-crust pizza and two soft drinks for a total of $13.11. If it was crappy pizza, this wouldn't be worth mentioning. But it was actually really good. I have a slight preference for thick crust, and will try that the next time. I liked it enough that I don't want the place to close because of lack of business.

It's right next to (south of) the Home Depot on Rainbow, just north of Charleston. Give it a try, eh?


SirFWALGMan said...

I do not think they deliver to Boston.

Arctic Ghetto said...

Its a tough time to start a business anywhere. Vegas will bounce back but it will be awhile. Poor timing.

Mannie said...

Wow! I am honored. I'm Mannie from Mannie & Bo's Pizzeria. I also just happen to be one of the chair massage gals in the MGM poker room for the last 3 years (I'm at another casino now). I've followed your blog for sometime being that my husband, Bo, is also a poker grump.

Anyway, thanks for writing about your experience. Yes, August is the absolute worst month to open up a food establishment, however, it is also a great time to tweek the menu and train staff. We're getting busier every single day through word-of-mouth life your blog.:) This is also the 7th pizza place we've opened, however, we've sold all by 2 over the years. We would love to see this location be as successful as all the others.

Thanks again for writing, and I would absolutely love to reference this blog on our website with your permission of course.


Rakewell said...

Sure, Mannie, go right ahead.

Rakewell said...

Oh, BTW, I ate there again yesterday, good again, and have the leftover warming up in the oven even as I write this!