Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from Atlantic City

Just got back to D.C. about an hour ago from a weekend in Atlantic City with Cardgrrl. Too tired to write. This is just to post a promise of a long report on the goings-on. We ended up playing only at Harrah's. There just wasn't enough time to make it practical to try visiting other poker rooms, despite a kind offer from a reader (well, at least a reader of Cardgrrl; not entirely sure about me!)/fellow blogger Tarpie to take us with him on a side trip to Caesars Palace. It has definitely made me want to go back when I can take several days and sample more of the casinos.

Full report of the trip coming soon--probably tomorrow (Tuesday).


Tarpie said...

I've been reading your blog for years and have commented once or twice in the past. It was nice to finally get to say hi in person out in Vegas over the summer and your visit gave me an excuse to go to AC this past weekend.

Your link to my "blog" might actually shame me into writing something for it sometime this week, though I don't have any good 2-4 hands to write about from this past trip :)

Rakewell said...

Sorry about that, Tarpie. I used the "search" function on my blog page to see if you had left comments, and didn't find any. I temporarily forgot that, for reasons that completel baffle me, that search function is woefully incomplete. If instead one uses Google to do a site-specific search, one finds six comments from you. I should have remembered. (If anybody can explain to me why the search function on the blog page, which allegedly uses the Google search engine, often fails to find things that the main Google page WILL find, I'd love to understand it.)

The Grind said...

How can you go to AC and NOT hit the Borgata??? By far the best poker room in AC. Make sure you get there the next time you go.