Thursday, December 17, 2009

Guess the casino, #359

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Answer: Circus Circus

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gpo said...

Grump, I just played at total of 16 hours of 1/2 at Foxwoods over two nights. You really should be a talkative person at the table. You were saying you were working on that awhile back. I don't mind chatting with people and I find I can chat about anything as I know a little about a lot instead of the other way around.
What all my talking got me was some good info on the people I was playing with. Their history and knowledge of the game. I thought this one guy was decent, but when I found out he did not know the rules of Omaha I lowered him a notch on the knowledge post.
I also got to understand why people were playing. Sure I talked a lot and acted a bit of the tourist yapping and whatnot. But I was gleaning tons more of info than I was giving up. Plus I know I know how to play and maybe all my talking lead others to think the contrary.
I don't think you can really talk too much at a table. It passes the time between playable hands as well.