Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sign of the apocalypse?

I know you're all going to think I'm crazy, but I swear the days have been getting shorter. The sun has been going down earlier and earlier every day. This has been happening for, like, six months now. Something is very, very wrong.

If this trend does not turn around real soon, I am going to report it to the authorities.


Anonymous said...

cant get here soon enough here in chicago!


Anonymous said...

Lay off the cold medication!

PS. I really enjoy your blog. Keep at it.


unaha-closp said...

You are plainly going crazy.

u-c, Auckland

Anonymous said...

Very good!
put it in a short stories contest, or I will do

Will Vanders said...

Guess what? They're getting longer again....which means of course more gambling. Then again, isn't that why there are no windows in casinos in the first place?