Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still alive

Still in D.C., hanging out with Cardgrrl. Today we went to her church, then to the National Zoo, which is only about a mile away from her place. We saw lions:

And red pandas:

Unfortunately, a lot of the best things were closed for one reason or another: elephants, pandas, seals, great apes, and others. But it was a nice walk anyway. (She takes me on walks every day. Walking for its own sake, with no particular destination--what a concept!)

We also went to a poker tournament in Manassas, Virginia, Saturday night. I got bumped out early on a bad beat. *sigh* But it's still a fun group to play with.

On the way home, we stopped for gas and I noticed this sign:

That's an apostrophe (or possibly a severely misplaced comma) after "beer." Very odd.

Cardgrrl has also been beating me at every game we play: Upwords, Set, Bananagrams, and an odd little thing called Scrabble Word Play Poker. But she also feeds me, gives me a place to sleep, gave me a beautiful sweater and some interesting books for Christmas, and is just generally much nicer to me than I deserve, so the losing isn't such a terrible thing. As you can see, just being around her makes me temporarily ungrumpy:

Five more days of this lovely break, then it's back to the casinos for me.


Anonymous said...

you and cardgrl dating?

Minton said...

so have you convinced cardgrrl to join us in the desert yet???

Anonymous said...

that is the question everybody is thinking...

Conan776 said...

That big grin is good enough for me