Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poker and dogs

I played at Caesars Palace today with a guy named Antonio. He mentioned that he has recently started a web site,, as a portal for information about two of his loves. Can you guess what they are? That's right--poker and dogs! There's not a lot up yet, but he mentioned some ambitious plans for it. He seemed like a perfectly decent and highly passionate man, so I'm happy to give his fledging site a little free attention here.

Hey, Antonio: I see your earlier blog post about dogs being sensitive to our human "tells." I am confident you would enjoy the novel I wrote about here, which largely revolves around a guy whose dog helps him play poker successfully because of that very keenness of perception. It's a fun read. Good luck with the web site.

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Antonio Stone said...

Thanks for the kind words. Look for our new designs to debut at Jen Harman's Charity Poker event at the Venetian, April 17th. Good luck... woof! Antonio