Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Confidential to Kara Scott


On the above board, As-Qs is not the "nuts," and Ks-2s is not the "second nuts," as you said.

I know it's your first episode of the new gig, but really, you have to pay more attention. People notice these things.

Your pal,



Anonymous said...

At least you earn your name today. Lighten up it is her first day, and players all over the planet make the same mistake over and over again. To the average person, missing a possible straight flush possibility on board is common. You should be more inclined to direct your comments to the editors of the show rather than Kara.

Im Just Saying said...

I'm definitely not as quick on these types of things as you are, Grump, but how does someone who's paid to know these things screw this up? I would have forgiven her if she missed the straight flush and thought AsKs was the nuts but AsQs and Ks2s? Being a moderately attractive in a geekdom covers for way to much.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying - Kara was correct if you ignore the straight flush :

Nuts - Either 7-9 spades or 4-7 or spades (having either of these means the other is not possible.

Second Nuts - A-x spades

Third Nutes - K-x spades.

When you are using two cards to make a flush, only the higher card is relevant, since there is no possibility of two flushes 'tying' on the higher card.

Schaubs said...

You tell'er Grump!!

I agree with you 100%.

Get it right, or get out.

randy tucson said...

I wanna play against the 2nd anonymous poster. Guess quads and a boat slipped your mind. Bring back AJ. The poker misanthrope.

voiceofjoe said...

I want to play against Randy Tucson .... how do you get quads or a full house on a

7,6,5,8,T Board