Sunday, February 21, 2010

He said/she said

Interesting discussion about the special challenges women face in getting professional sponsorship from poker sites as the first of what I understand will be an occasional ongoing "he said/she said" series at See here and here.

One of the points made by both discussants was emphasized--in what I must assume was an unintended manner--by one of the ads that popped up for me next to the "his" essay (they probably rotate so you may not see the same one):

All else being equal, which version of this woman (assuming it's actually the same person, which I kind of doubt) is more likely to land a sponsorship deal?

By the way, to the writers of the series (both of whom I am pleased to call friends), I just have to say: The whole idea would be pepped up if you were to sling a little mud at each other--you know, like the "Jane, you ignorant slut" remarks in the old Saturday Night Live parodies of "60 Minutes" debates. (Yes, I'm just kidding.)


Jennifer said...

It would really pep up the discussion if we actually had it in the mud...or in jello. Right? I think I see where you're going with this...

Rakewell said...

Hardly. I have no desire to see Martin Jello wrestling. :-)

Cardgrrl said...

Wait, there's an "anicent" rule I need to learn that will make me all svelte and nubile?!?

Why must I learn these things from the interwebs...?