Sunday, March 07, 2010

My prognostications

Time to summarize how I did in predicting winners in the NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. Why now, instead of waiting until it's over? Because none of the final eight remaining were my picks to get this far. I'm drawing dead.

I got exactly 16/32 of the first set of matches correct, just what would be predicted by chance alone. Interestingly, I also had exactly 4 out of the final 16 right (Kaplan, Laak, Obrestad, and Wasicka), also just what would be predicted by chance alone. By rights, two of my remaining horses should have won their way into the elite eight, but they all failed. Good thing I didn't put any money down on this thing.

So my ability to pick winners is, well, about average or a little below. You could do as well by flipping coins to fill in your brackets as to go by my soothsaying.

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