Monday, March 01, 2010

That Dwan kid needs a lesson from the Grump

On last night's "High Stakes Poker," Tom Dwan showed us how to misplay the Deuce-Four. He flopped two pair. Nobody bet. He added a flush draw on the turn. Nobody bet. Antonio Esfandiari bluffed the river, Eli Elizra called. The little flip of the wrist you see going on in the screen shot above is Dwan throwing away the best hand. After he saw the winner, he said, "I play so bad."

Well, at least that time you did, Tom. But do not worry. I can coach you on how to play 2-4 for fun and profit.

While I'm on the subject, I did a little 2-4 evangelizing at Sandia casino in Albuquerque yesterday. A four on the turn gave me bottom pair, so I check-raised the original raiser when he bet (as I thought he would). He folded and I showed. Just a couple of hands later, he flopped two pair with his own 2-4 and won a nice pot. The gospel continues to spread everywhere I go.

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Anonymous said...

I play in a friendly poker game once a month at a friends house. We're all co-workers and the game is laughably horrible. It's very low stakes, very bad poker, but a LOT of fun and time well spent with good friends.
Anyway, I'm dealt 2-4 in the BB and of course everyone limps in (as is usual). Flop is 4-2-K. Many bets are thrown into the pile when the turn brings another 4. River...can't even remember. Tried to take a picture of the beautiful 'boat' but I have a new phone and I think I ended up calling China instead of snapping a pic of the beauty. You have converted another skeptic to 2-4!