Saturday, April 03, 2010

Steam coming out of the ears

If, like me, you enjoy watching Phil Hellmuth boast about being the best in the world and then get his face rubbed in doggie doo, I highly recommend watching this "Poker After Dark" segment, particularly the two consecutive hands between Hellmuth and Brandon Adams, starting at about the 7:00 mark. Hilarity definitely ensues.


Glenn said...

If you thought that was good, wait till Viffer shows up.

Michael said...

Helmuth is a douch.

whenever he wins, he's the best player in the world. whenever he loses, the other guy is an idiot and made a bad play.

But yes, when Viffer shows up it's awesome!

James said...

Helmuth is a total dick . A guy plays well and beats him hes still an idiot . FK U HELMUTH U LOSER ! ! ;o)