Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stee wjee

So you know that post from earlier today about Deuce-Four making a straight flush? It has a bit of an amusing history. At least I find it amusing. Whether anybody else will remains to be seen.

For the three nights before last, I had had marginal sleep in both quantity and quality. Last night I slept for one hour and then was wide awake, so it looked like it was going to be #4 in a row. I decided, therefore, to hit the problem with a hammer--the Ambien hammer.

Faithful readers will remember that I had a weird pokery experience with Ambien just over a year ago. So I should have known that the only sensible thing to do after popping one is to climb in bed. But no. I decided I had a little time before it would kick in, and I could accomplish something useful. Like, maybe, pound out a quick blog post.

First I spent about ten minutes looking up something that I had heard on the radio as I lay awake. That was my downfall, because ten minutes is about all the time I had before the fog would arrive. Then I started on the blog post about the Deuce-Four. All I had to do was find the link to the photo, post it, and add a snarky comment.

Well, I got stupid in the middle of this process. All I got done was the title. I got so sleepy that I didn't even try to shut down the computer. When I finally woke up, it was still on (as was the light, which I also forgot to turn off). The browser was still open to Blogger's post-composition page. Here's the blog post title I had typed in the appropriate box:

Deuce-Four makes stee; wjee;
Catchy, isn't it?


Memphis MOJO said...

stee; wjee; is the nuts, for sure.

Mark T said...

Well, *I* got a big laugh out of the story. I can just imagine that happening to me...