Monday, September 27, 2010

Big hand

It's not often you can win a pot worth 38 big bets.

I have no idea why that third player called on the river. He couldn't even beat the pair of 7s the other guy was showing!

It put me at the top of the leaderboard for now:

Still very early, though. We'll see if I can hold on.


Didn't last long. This one took me down a long way. I got four bets in three ways pre-flop. Quads bet flop, I raised, he just called. Turn check-check. Bet and call on river. So I think I lost the minimum. Still above average.

Update 2:

This flop was a pleasant surprise to a mediocre big-blind hand. Sadly, one bet and nobody wanted to play any more.

Update 3:

Out with nothing. Got moved to a table populated with maniacs whose strategy was to start with garbage and get lucky. They succeeded. The end.


Brian said...

Rolled up Q=Sexy

Anonymous said...

That was a weird call by keks6265 on the stud hand. My guess would be that he was still playing razz. I'd mock him, except I've done the same. And even worse.


James said...

I have to ask, why do you say that:

Ad Qd Qs Jh a mediocre BB hand?

Rakewell said...

It's a mediocre hand at best from any position. It should probably be folded most of the time, especially from early position. Getting in free with it was lucky for me. There's really only two kinds of flops you're going to like : All diamonds with no low, and a Q with no low.

James said...

Note to self: check that you are looking at PLO, and not say PLO8, before being confused about pre-flop hand selection :) :).