Thursday, September 09, 2010

First impressions of Everleaf

My first tournament on the Everleaf Network is over, with no money for me. So sad.

It was a $5 turbo with rebuys, so not exactly a format well-tailored for my usual game of patience. But it was just for fun and to try out the software, so I didn't mind trying something different. Given those two qualities, you can guess that players had a low threshold for shoving. Here's the result of my first attempt, all-in pre-flop:

So we see that this site, like so many others, is obviously rigged.

I rebought (why not?!) and tried again. I got somewhat better results this time, again all-in pre:

The third time is not so much a charm:

Three players with A-Q??? Rigged for sure.

The game software seems OK--at least I didn't immediately notice anything annoyingly awkward or stupid about it. At first there was a voice announcing every action, which would have driven me to distraction, but I quickly found the way to shut it off.

I can't really judge the quality of play because the structure rewarded playing somewhat crazy. Sometime soon I'll joing a more normally structured tournament and see how that goes. I've had enough fun for today. Also need to get my trademark innocent-looking lamb avatar uploaded.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Three players with A-Q??? Rigged for sure.

At least none of them had 2-4.