Friday, September 17, 2010

A little pimpage

As you all know by now, Cardgrrl has left the poker career behind and is exploring various things in the world of art, especially photography. The photo above, "After the Flood," is her favorite so far (originally published with her commentary and a clickable larger version here).

Taste in art is, obviously, wildly variant. Cardgrrl's favorite images tend to be love-it-or-hate-it matters, as evidenced by the highly polarized comments she gets when she puts one up for review in a Flickr group. This one is no exception. I can't say that I took an instant liking to it, but it has grown on me. Especially when blown up to 24" x 36" and framed, it's pretty cool. (Wish y'all could see that, but her apartment isn't big enough for everybody to visit.) What intrigues me most about it is how the closer you look the more it looks like a painting than a photograph.

Anyway, if that image tickles your fancy at all, I have a favor to ask: Go here and vote for it for a "People's Choice" award. Voting requires three steps: (1) Click on "Vote now." (2) Enter your email address. (3) When you get the confirmation email, follow the link it provides and confirm your vote. Sounds burdensome, I know, but I did it in less than 90 seconds. As far as I can tell, they do not use your email address for anything other than preventing ballot-box stuffing.

If you don't care for the photo, well, that's OK, too. I won't ask you to vote for something you don't like.



Anonymous said...

OK did it. Hope she wins.

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous!