Friday, September 24, 2010

Small win

I played at the Venetian this afternoon. I played spectacularly badly. Two all-in calls, both of them in situations where I should have known that it was impossible for me to be good (in fact, where I did know that at some level below the threshold of deniability) stacked me. They were both the kinds of calls that when I see them made by others make me wonder, "What was he thinking?" They were the kind of calls that I usually rely on to make my money--when I'm on the other side of them. Just unforgivable. Haven't screwed up that badly in a long time (thankfully).

I came home (at least give me credit for realizing that my play reeked and I should not continue playing NLHE for hundreds of dollars) and as rehab I jumped into a little HORSE tournament. Only seven players, so smaller even than a single-table sit-and-go. But there was still enough money to care about, since it was a $33 buy-in, while the SNGs I usually play are just $5 or $10.

I winz it.

I feel a little better now.

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