Thursday, October 14, 2010

Minor mystery/irritant at PokerStars

I continue to play a few HORSE single-table sit-and-go tournaments a week, mostly on PokerStars. I typically sign up for a $5, a $10, and a $20 game, and go with whichever one or two fill up first.

Something that bugs me every time I go to register is how the tournament lobby is organized:

Once you have clicked on "game" to sort by game type, the next level of sorting is apparently done by tournament number, which is a completely useless way of organizing things. You could logically make the next category of sorting either turbo/regular (because there are surely people who care more about that structure than the buy-in) or by the buy-in (because there are surely people who want, say, a $10 game but don't care much whether it's turbo or non-turbo). But sorting by tournament number--which is completely arbitrary and which nobody could possibly care about--makes no sense at all. In order to sign up for my three games, I have to hunt around for the right buy-in levels, while checking to be sure to avoid the turbo games, which I dislike.

Compare this to how Full Tilt has its tournament lobby:

It's perfect. The turbos are separate from the non-turbos, and within each category the games are automatically sorted into descending order of buy-in. It's clean, simple, logical, and as easy to navigate as it could possibly be.

Hey, PokerStars--why can't you do this as well?


DubsPoke said...

Can't you right click the column heading (the small gray bar that has game, buy-in, etc.) in order to choose 3 levels of sort?

That is how I sort cash games when I'm playing. I play a mix of 50 and 100NL, so I sort by Buy-in, Players, Avg Stack.

Fairly confident SNG's have similar sort options.

Rakewell said...

Ah! Yes, I can. Thanks. I never noticed that feature before.

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is set up your sit n go filters. You can have just the games you are interested in display.