Friday, December 10, 2010

An alternative point of view

This is the most cogent argument I've read in favor of the Reid bill:

As King Agrippa said to the Apostle Paul, almost thou persuadest me.


Wolynski said...

20% rake? American players only? You're kidding, right?

This isn't about poker, but the freedom of the Internet. The whole idea of a world wide Web is that it's world wide. 1 p.m. used to be a good time to catch the drunk Scandinavians.

I used to be an avid online cash game player, but I've totally lost interest. How many more like me?

Local Rock said...

I have heard that Reid's little political gesture to his saviors also contains a requirement that any qualified licensee must have operated a casino with a large number (I don't recall the number) of licensed brick and mortar gaming devices (slot machines) continuously for five years. The intent of that is obvious enough. California casinos don't have slots. Neither does Full Tilt.

I do not have a verifiable original source for that. Are you (or is anyone) aware of such?

Rakewell said...


See here:

Local Rock said...

And there it is. Thank you.

Mark T said...

California *Indian* casinos do have slots, of course. While the two biggest poker rooms in CA (Bike and Commerce) aren't Indian casinos, quite a few large ones are (Pechanga, San Manuel, San Pablo).

And didn't I hear that PartyPoker owns a casino somewhere outside of the US? Would ownership of a non-American casino count?

Local Rock said...

"And didn't I hear that PartyPoker owns a casino somewhere...?"

Well then, please don't tell Harry.