Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cashing out from Doyle's Room

This morning I saw a Tweet from @GamingCounsel: "RT @: Rumours abound that Doyle's Room may be leaving the Cake Poker Network. "

The article lists several signs that Doyle's Room is going to be leaving Cake. I found it quite persuasive. I decided to cash out what money I had there. I'm not really worried about the money vanishing. I'm willing to assume that if DR changes to a new network, they'll move the accounts over. If DR decides to just close up shop, I'm willing to assume that they'll transfer the accounts to some other Cake skin or offer cashouts.

My reasons for deciding to pull out were: (1) If DR moves to any other network where I can play and would want to play, it will duplicate some other account, because I already have an account on every U.S.-facing poker network. (2) I signed up for Doyle's Room directly, not through an affiliate, which means that I've never been getting rakeback from them. If I'm going to continue on Cake, I might as well get something back for it, and the apparent coming announcement that the skin I'm using is leaving the network is a prime opportunity to make such a change.

I checked the DR cashier, and found that I have $168.11 sitting there. Fine. Let's see how to take it out. (I've never cashed out from DR before.) The cashier page lists three options: Check, eWalletXpress, and UseMyWallet.

It tells me that a check is not available; they'll do this only for amounts over $500.

I don't have an account at eWalletXpress, and can't set one up now, because they recently pulled out of the U.S. market, following a seizure of funds. I don't have an account at UseMyWallet, and really didn't want the hassle (and further exposure of personal and financial information) of setting one up just for a one-time withdrawal.

So I emailed DR support:

I would like to withdraw all of the money in my account ($168.11). However, when
I tried to do it through the online cashier, it said that $500 was the minimum
for getting a check. It gave two e-wallet options. However, EwalletXpress, as
you know, is no longer operating in the U.S., so I can't set up an account
there. The other e-wallet service is one that I do not have an account with, and
I do not wish to set up an account just for this one-time withdrawal. I just
want a check mailed to me. How can we make that happen?

Here's the response:
Thank you for your email.
I am really sorry however the $500 limit is
imposed on us by our check processor and we will not be able to send you a
check for less than the stated amount.
I sincerely apologize for any
inconvenience caused.
Please let us know if we can be of further
Kind Regards,
DoylesRoom Support

Ruh-roh. This isn't looking good. I explored the only option left. But usemywallet.com doesn't even let you in unless you're already a customer with an account; i.e., it's not just an open site that anybody can access and establish an account with. The DR cashier page says:
UseMyWallet is one of the quickest and most secure methods for players to
withdraw funds from their account. UseMyWallet enables players to use a number
of various online banking solutions to withdraw funds from their account. These
funds may then be wired directly from your UseMyWallet supported account into
your own bank account. To see if your account qualifies, please contact support@doylesroom.com. There is
minimum withdrawal limit of $50 and there are no maximum withdrawal limits.

Another email to DR:
The cashout instructions say to contact you to find out if my account
qualifies to use the UseMyWallet option. Does it? If so, how do I set up an
account with them? Their web page gives no instructions, and apparently doesn’t
let anybody in who doesn’t already have an account.

The reply:
Thank you for your email. I'm afraid at present UseMyWallet account
invitations would only be open to those players who meet criteria laid down by
UseMyWallet. As soon as your account meets these criteria our Cashier team
will forward an invitation, please be informed that the criteria is a
stipulation of UseMyWallet and I'm afraid we're not permitted to discuss these
criteria with players. We apologize for not being able to help you further at
this time and thanks in advance for your patience.
Please let us know if we
can be of further assistance
Kind Regards,

Oh boy. This is starting to get both annoying and alarming. Are they running a scam such that I won't be able to withdraw the funds by any method? I was starting to plan how I would pepper various poker forums with my warnings and complaints about how DR was refusing to let me cash out.

But I try one more email:
Your cashier page gives me just three options for cashing out:
ewalletxpress, usemywallet, and check. I don’t have an ewalletxpress account,
and cannot set one up now, because they recently stopped accepting U.S.
customers. You’re telling me that I don’t qualify for a usemywallet account. And
in your first email, you told me you won’t send me a check. So each of the only
three options you are telling me about is unavailable, for one reason or

How do I get my money?

The reply (and, to their credit, they have responded within just a few minutes every time):
Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your email to our Cashier
department who will be in contact. However I would ask you to bear in mind that
due to the nature of the inquiries they deal with our Cashier department’s
response may not be as quick as our front line support. Thanks in advance for
your patience.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance
DoylesRoom Support

A short time later, I received this:
You now have been pre-registered for a QuickTender account.

All you need to do is activate your account by clicking the link
below and completing the required additional sign-up information.

QuickTender has been created in response to the recent withdrawals
of a number of wallet payment solutions that you may have previously used.
QuickTender is owned and operated by an experienced team of payment
professionals who are well known and trusted with all the major merchants in the

QuickTender is one of the safest ways to pay and play
and will facilitate all your purchases and withdrawals quickly, securely and

As an additional privacy protection measure you
will not see QuickTender openly advertised at the merchant site. Instead
wherever you see the UseMyWallet logo below you will be able to deposit with
your QuickTender account.

Instructions followed. I'm not entirely clear on the relationship between UseMyWallet and QuickTender, but they're either partners or different names for the same basic entity.

Of course, I'd like to know why DR support first told me that my account was not eligible to use UMW, then later decided that I could use it. But I'm not going to press that issue now.

I went through the enrollment steps for UMW/QT, got an account number, then plugged that in to the withdrawal request on DR.

Now I sit back and wait to see if it actually works. Anybody want to make bets on whether I get the money without further headaches?


TenMile said...

UB and AP use a similar arrangement for credit card deposits. Of course not. No withdrawals from either (recently).

Anonymous said...

If that doesn't work, deposit $400, play a little for about a week, and then withdraw via check.

MorningThunder said...

I have used UMW/QT on Cake poker. It has gone through without a hitch. You will be charged $30 to wire your funds to your account. My bank then charged me $11 for the service. So $168 will become $127. Good luck The whole process takes 5 to 7 business days.

Anonymous said...

I bet no. You are not going to get your money as all online poker is rigged.

Mark T said...

One other method you could try, I suppose, is to find someone else on Cake you trust, transfer the money to them, and have them cash out enough to pay you.

That would require knowing someone else on Cake who has enough online to cash out via check, but in theory it's possible.

veeRob said...

I'll buy the funds for $100 on Full Tilt.

Drizztdj said...

If you get the via wire expect ~$35-$45 to be taken off (bank fee + percentage).

Positive: very quick, my last withdrawl hit the bank in 2 business days

Negative: see above, granted I was cashing out quite a bit more but $45 for something that used to be free, sucks.

Rakewell said...

veerob: Thanks, but I already submitted the withdrawal request, so I'll just see what happens with it next.

zippyboy said...

ahhhhh, the poker life in America.

If all else fails, you could go to the Bossman himself. If you don't have his contact information, you can find him in Bobby's Room, Aria, or on the golfcourse. Hand him your card, tell your story, point him towards your blogsite and I bet he tosses you a couple black chips he always keeps in his pocket.

But don't demand an apology for your trouble.

Anonymous said...

Tweet Doyle Brunson. I would be very interested to know if he would respond.

Also, I would just consider any money that you have on sites other than Stars or FTP gone.

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, was it resolved?

Rakewell said...

Have not heard or received anything yet.

Flemming said...

I'm having problems right now as well, DR refuse to me my $3K because I used foul language in my emails to their Security Department, First I had to provide all kinds of documents, and after I did that, then I suddenly had to withdrawl the money through some strange e wallet, Neteller where no good, so when I ran out of patiance I admit I used foul language whereto DR responded "Unfortunately your account has been suspended by management due to being abusive to staff and used of foul language from your previous email. Please check our Terms and Conditions in regards to this type of behavior:

... Bad behavior or language identified by the Poker Room or brought to its attention will be dealt with swiftly, and may result in a suspension or loss of playing privileges or such other action as may be decided by the Poker Room..."

Any bright ideas