Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clean hands, see?

I'm watching "High Stakes Poker" from last weekend. I was intrigued by this disclaimer, which came in the middle of an ad for the Bellagio spa. (HSP is taped at the Bellagio now.)

My guess is that this message has a very small target audience--specifically, the members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. It seems to be saying, "Hey, we just provide the table and cards and chips here, as we are properly licensed to do. We have nothing whatsoever to do with those patches on the players' clothing. We would never, ever enter into a partnership with a law-breaking place like PokerStars, the way that nasty, naughty Venetian did. We are good boys and girls, and want Santa to remember that fact come Christmas."


The Poker Meister said...

Grump - I'm surprised you haven't written about your thoughts on HSP. In my opinion, Norm Macdonald is terrible; bring back Gabe Kaplan!

Macdonald seems lost at times, reciting the action verbatim. He provides little to no insight. Finally, as a comedian, he injects no humor.

I don't get it; this is supposed to be an improvement to the highest rated show on GSN? What gives?

Rakewell said...

Yeah, he's pretty awful. Trading Kaplan for him was a horrendously stupid move.

Mark T said...

Agreed. And he looks like some sort of Animatronic Disney marionette in the show opener. Why does he hold his hand in a frozen half-pleading position as he talks?

He's really quite awful as a commentator. Not quite bad enough to get me to turn off the show, but I'm thinking about it...