Friday, April 15, 2011

Home game status

If you keep up with any poker news site, you already know that U.S. online poker went into complete chaos earlier today. Twitter reports say that it varies state to state, but right now I cannot buy into cash games or real-money tournaments on PokerStars. What I don't know is whether the site will allow me to play in a tournament for which I had registered before today's developments. Since my Sunday night home game is the only one for which that is the case, I don't have any way of finding out in advance what will happen when game time rolls around. Will it keep my $5 but not let me play? Refund the money? Play as if nothing had happened? I just don't know. All I can do is plan to be there and play if it lets me. If you can still register and play from wherever you are, I'll be happy to try to join you.


Heffmike said...

I guess you can always make it a free game, if Stars even lets you do that.

Anonymous said...

If not, can we just get together at your place? BYOB

Anonymous said...

can u log into stars?

dont think u will be able to play it as literally no US players on stars or tilt =(

ill play if you are able to!

happy birthday either way, have a great day!!!!