Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hatching ideas

The WSOP Seniors Event is Friday. I'm having thoughts. I could end up being the youngest Seniors winner ever. At 50 years and 2 months, that record would probably stand for a long time.



Tarpie said...

Sounds like enough incentive to me. You should do it.

Also, when did 50 become senior? With increasing lifespans, one would think the age one becomes a senior would increase over time. US life expectancy is 80 years. So one qualifies for the senior event for 37.5% of their life, and is too young to enter for 26.25% of their life. That leaves 36.25% of their life in the 21-50 age range.

Of post-legal gambling age lifespan, the majority of it is spent eligible for the senior event (50.8%). Weird.

Moviedogs said...

Have fun. I've been told it plays like a great big limit game. Lots and lots of calling...