Saturday, August 06, 2011

Jennifer Tilly knows

This is from the Big Game, Thursday's installment.


Barry said...

You had to love the first hand of the week. "Welcome to the game, Phil!"

What are your thoughts on the hand where Tony G claimed he hadn't looked at his cards? Even the commentators seemed upset about it, I have no issue. If you aren't paying close enough attention to know if he's telling the truth, you run that risk. By pushing, Hellmuth thinks he can take advantage of Guoga's random hand and win a big pot. I don't get why Helluth, Flack, and everyone else acted like it was such a major ethical violation.

Curious how you feel...

Rakewell said...

I agreed with the commentators: It's not against the rules, but it's sleazy.

I try to abide by Barry Greenstein's advice, as quoted at the end of this post: